Frequently asked questions

Below is a small list of answers for questions that have been sent our way.

If you don't find the droids answers you are looking for then feel free to get in touch and ask!

June: 22.05.2022

July: 24.06.2022

August: 22.07.2022

September: 26.08.2022

October: 23.09.2022

November: 21.10.2022

December: 25.11.2022

Why not?

Seriously - v1.2.3? Its not that exciting is it?

This way we get to post a video, and hopefully make you smile a little bit (hoping you don't notice the bugs we introduced on along the way - ha ha ha).

Actually no.

We started out as we planned with an App and a website back in March 2020, but then we all know what happened for the next few years!

So then we got into streaming for a while. It was fun and helped us get through the lockdown.

However we always had a plan to do something around recording live events so this give us lots of valuable experience.

Watch this space!

Full disclosure, we have registered as an affliate partner for Ticketmaster. This means we get a tiny (3kr) fee per ticket purchased if you happen to click on one of our links.

We hope you don't mind, but it does help us to keep the project running :-)

Right now we are only listing events that fit into our categories of Concert, Club or DJ.

More than anything this is down to resources as we are only a small team maintaining this project.

If you would like to help out then please get in touch - we would love to hear from you!

Right now our primary focus is on music.

Which means specifically concerts, clubbing and bars that have regular events in Oslo.

In the future we plan to expand our reach, but for now we want to focus on music first and do that to the best we can.

Generally speaking when we say DJ we are thinking "DJ in a bar" and Club is somewhere with a dancefloor with actual dancing.

But.. its a tricky one and often depends on the venue.

So if you are looking for some dancefloor action then go for the events that are listed as "Club"